30 mars 2009

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Poker passez pro... Késako

Suite à la lecture du post du CP sur un étudiant qui veut passé pro voici un super article in english qui compare la chance de devenir footballer pro et celle d'etre riche au poker... Je cite

"Poker is a lot like football in terms of the economics, and for the same reasons. Playing poker creates no real value. And anyone with a buyin can do it. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that the majority of players loose money, about 10% turn a small profit, and the top fraction of a percent are quite wealthy. It’s just like any other career with no barrier to entry and no value creation. So what’s my point here? Simple - in any career with a backloaded payout curve, only the very luckiest and very bet get paid. If you’re a highschool football player considering pushing for the pros, it’s only rational to ask yourself if you’re in the best 1% - in terms of strength, speed, agility, correct body type, work ethic, understanding of the game, etc. If you can’t honestly answer “yes” to that question, you have no business trying to go pro in football because someone who is in that top 1% will come along and take your slot. You’ll only disappoint yourself and waste years of your life. Professional poker is the same
If you’re not in the top 1% in terms of brains, discipline, social aptitude, ruthlessness, lack of leaks, understanding of the game and so forth, going pro will end in disaster at worst, and treading water at best. Roughly 10% of the players make money, but making money isn’t the same as being successful - you have to make enough to have a comfortable life and still maintain your bankroll.

"people with top 1% discipline have likely never placed a bet with negative expectation in their entire lives" => Rah j'ai joué à la roulette

"People with a top-1% “lack of leaks” have never touched a drug harder than alcohol, never drink at the table, have never given a cent to a stripper or hooker, and have never been suckered out of money by a conman or romantic interest." => Bon c'est mort aussi pour ce point (hooker = Fille de joie)

The good news with poker is that being semi-pro and semi-paid is OK. Converting a little recreation time into a little money is great when the rent isn’t on the line. And being in the top 10% is enough to make at least a little money. But if you’re seriously considering going pro, you need to ask yourself if you’re really in that top 1%. If not, your prospects as a pro are questionable at best.=> Je fais parti des Nano-pro avec mon baby winrate pour l'instant mais j'ai pour objo d'atteindre le semi-pro level d'ici 2009

Pour terminer un article sur les 5 qualités d'un joueur pro... Encore de l'english sorry :-)

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